Hello ..

My name is Melissa Maloney and I am a here to support you as you blossom into the woman that you desire to be........


Are you the woman that may have gotten a bit lost over the years, swallowed up by motherhood and all that it brings?


Were you once a confident, outgoing woman with a career and busy social life?


Do you feel that you no longer live that life but would love some aspects of it in your life once again?


Do you feel stuck?


Do you compare yourself and your life to others?

Do you desire to be...

....The woman who is confident and self loving,

The woman who knows what she wants and how to get it,

The woman who nourishes her mind and body with all that is good for her,

The woman who has a desire to build a business and run her own life,

The woman who can handle her anxieties and fears on a day to day basis?

This woman is somewhere inside of you. In your minds eye you can feel her and you can see her. I'm going to show you how to bring this woman out so that you can blossom into your most authentic...magnificent....wonderful self.

I am a 'Mum of boys' and wife, and co founder of The Little Birth Company.

I run sessions from my home studio (Studio Blossom in Northampton) and online, for women just like you that need a little support with their mindset.

I do this with Hypnotherapy, relaxation, positive affirmations and guided visualisations.

One of the differences between how I support you and other therapists may work is that I don't just give you tools for a quick fix.

Knowing and understanding why anxiety, stress, comparisonitis, self doubt and lack of confidence are part of our programming designed to keep us safe. Knowing that these are normal feelings, and that we all actually need form time to time, but also understanding how our current world makes it more and more difficult for us to control these feelings.

I have successfully (hindsight is a great thing) navigated motherhood and being a full time Mum whilst running a home, a business and supporting my husbands job that takes him away quite often.

So what can I do for you??

Our mind is such powerful tool but we haven't always been given the right handbook to work this amazing tool. This is where I come in........ 

Using a combination of Hypnotherapy, Guided Relaxations, and Mindfulness Meditations as well as Positive Affirmations you can quickly and easily begin to change old patterns of behavior and release outdated beliefs that could be holding you back.


You can choose the best way to work with me either with my, online, 4 week 'Creating Harmony' programme from the comfort of your own home. 

You also have the option to work with me 1:1 as we use a range of techniques including Hypnosis to support your journey to living your best life.

Click 'work with me' to find out more

Or pop over an email and we can arrange to chat 

Melissa xx

Created by Blossoming You 2019 

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